Now that Christmas is over and you have no presents left to open we at Devils Emporium have decided to bring some New Year cheer to our customers by offering our first ever Swag Bag promotion! Each Swag is a quality designer product for both men and women and 3 lucky 'Swaggers' will also receive a FREE Designer Watch worth over £30 within their Swag Bag totally free of charge.

To make this more interesting, exciting and dam right audacious, we are concealing the contents of the Swag Bags from you! (please do not send begging emails as our lips are tightly tied!!). There's nothing like receiving a surprise parcel - what will you get? will you be one of the lucky 3 whom receive the Designer Watch? Many questions and little in the way of answers until you receive your very own Swag Bag!

So how does this work? well, simplicity is the key! We recommend that you order the maximum of 3 Swags given the postage cost is the same for 1,2 and 3. When we say three Swags we mean one bag and 3 items (Swags) within the bag (or 4 if you are one of the lucky three!). Whether you order just one Swag or the full 3 you will always receive one parcel bag with either 1 or three items within it depending on how many swags you chose.

Get it?

Each Swag costs just £1.50 (Plus £2.99 UK Delivery - International/Europe is available but is more given we have to pay someone to fly the Bags around the world!) and due to the high demand already experienced we have limited each customer to 3 Swags per order.Simply select the Swag Bag below, select 'buy now' and change the quantity to either 2 or 3 depending on how your feeling (remember, purchasing 3 Swags provides 3 chances to be in with a chance of getting the FREE Designer Watch) - please do not order more than 3 Swags given we would like as many people as possible to benefit from this amazing offer!

A note of caution however...these Designer Swag Bags are provided in batches and each one will have a specific closing date therefore you must ensure that you have taken advantage of this amazing offer before it closes! If you are unlucky enough to have missed the first Swag Bag, do not worry, we will periodically be issuing more - watch this space.This blog was created for the benefit of our customers to discuss and brag about what amazing gifts they received as part of their Swag Bags and of course for the lucky individuals whom won a designer watch to seriously make you jealous! please feel free to post your comments and have fun with your Swag Bag!
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